How to Change Your Mindset: Like a Entrepreneur


“An awakened imagination works with a purpose”-Neville Goddard

As I mentioned in my earlier blog post. That there was a book that changed my way of thinking called Get Rich Click” by Marc Ostrofsky. But little did I know that this was just the beginning. I tried a number of things online to make money but they all just kept failing. Along the way as I stumbled across more and more up and coming entrepreneurs I noticed that my mindset wasn’t correct. You can’t just read a book and think just because you have the information about it that your going to start making money. I had to change some of my habits. Which in turn was kind of hard because like I mentioned in another blog post that I like to play video games and sleep.

Changing Point

I had to put the video game controller down and put more time into becoming more efficient in my work. Notice I said my work and not my job. Maybe you’ve worked a job where you go to work in the morning and get a long break in between and then go back to work. Maybe it could be sometimes 3 or 4 hours break time. Well I don’t know about you but if I didn’t have anything important to do then I would go home and of course take a good nap. As a bus operator we call that swing time. And for a long time I used my swing time to do no other than get rest. But as my mindset started changing I used it to read a book, get on my laptop, or listen to a motivational video. I prefer the 1hr videos for when I go for a run or even cutting the grass.

Changing The Way You Think

“Reset Your Mind”-Les Brown

We all have the power of limitless thinking. I think I was listening to Les Brown who’s a amazing motivational speaker. If I’m not mistaken I think he was saying to think of your life like a movie with you as the star. “You’ve got to be willing to change your ways. If you don’t like what you’ve produced, your the director your the star and you wrote this script. If it’s a hit you produced it. If it’s a flop you produced it. If you have to go back to the drawing board and rewrite the script that you are the star of, you have the power to do that and on this day you will declare a change.” I’ve even tried coding. Yes and coding can be kind of hard but you just have to really apply yourself for about 6 months straight. That’s if you want a quiet desk job in front of a computer all day. Well I did consider changing my career to a desk job and why not try something like coding. It’s a cool skill to learn and if you get good at it you could even work from home while you email your partner who your working with on some small project. Let’s say you both were suppose to be working on the project but he did most of the work. He emails you his coding material and you email him back LGTM(looks good to me) and um you guys are finish your project for the day and it’s 9am. The mindset part to that is that when I was trying to learn coding I stumbled across a video I can’t remember who it was but some kid was interviewing his dad. The kid was a up coming coder and his dad had been doing it for years. And the question he asked his dad about how he found the time to study or even just get things done. His dad told him something so simple but powerful to me. He said “you just have to find the gaps”.


“People with goals succeed because they know where their going”-Earl Nigntingale

I know it seems so simple but it just made a lot of sense to me. If I didn’t find the gap I wouldn’t have read a book. If I didn’t find the gap I wouldn’t have tried to start so many other online businesses. If I didn’t find the gap I would not be writing this blog post. Trust me I get it work family and your own problems in your head. But if you want to change your mindset I would suggest finding any gap you can find. Thirty minutes before bed or and even thirty minutes before waking up. Before you know it you’ve got one whole hour of stepping toward your goals done for the day. I know it may not seem like a lot but just trust in it. Consistency is key in changing your mindset. And by the end of the day you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment. Like you did something for yourself and not your family not your job not even your kids but yourself. That’s powerful. Just like I said earlier in this post about reading Marc Ostrofsky’s “Get Rich Click”. I kind of went backwards. But it’s ok because if I didn’t read that book then I wouldn’t have been lead to more other books.

Here’s just a few books that I’ve read that I think could get you started on mindset and just a good read overall. And a small small review.

1. Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon HillThey call this one the devils way of thinking. I suppose because I guess its suppose to be changing your mindset to just think about money. But it’s a good read and you also can check out some videos on Youtube.

2. Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert KiyosakiWhen it comes to the internet or the entrepreneur mindset you will always here someone talking about this book and how it changed their way of thinking. Definitely a good read.

3. Relentless by Tim GroverI took me a minute to really get what Tim was trying to say but then I got it. Sorry for the spoiler but it was the mindset of the athletes as if it were a constant battle. I think you should pick this one up to see for yourself. Hope this helps and good luck on your journey!

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