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Most popular jobs for people 65 and older


Believe it or not, there is plenty of employment available for persons beyond the age of 50. And, sure, you can continue to work after retirement for a variety of legitimate reasons.

For example, you could wish to make additional money, assist others, meet new people, or pursue a job that you’ve always wanted to pursue but have never had the opportunity to explore fully.

It’s also possible you’ve heard that, as you become older, having a job can give a surprising amount of benefits to your physical and emotional well-being, which may surprise you.

The following truth typically serves as a powerful motivator for seniors over the age of 65: working past your retirement age can make a significant difference when it comes to paying for your future elderly years.


Your job experience has undoubtedly contributed to the development of a comprehensive portfolio of accomplishments as well as a depth of expertise in your chosen profession.

The likelihood is that the answer is yes. Because your abilities are significant, why not reap the benefits of sharing your knowledge?

Consultants are generally hired by businesses to assist them with specific difficulties or to provide assistance through changes.

Especially if you have the type of experience that corporations are searching for, the money may be quite lucrative. Furthermore, when it comes to establishing your working hours and working circumstances, you typically have wide freedom.

Specialist writer and subject expert

Writing about your experiences is another approach to sharing your expertise. Many individuals are seeking credible material online or in print these days, especially in this information era.

Put yourself out there, especially if you’re an expert in a certain area. Begin by creating a blog, posting articles on social media networks such as LinkedIn, or approaching magazines in your field of expertise for consideration.


Why not share your knowledge with people in your field? Local community colleges and community centers frequently employ temporary professors to conduct programs in areas such as professional development and general interest.

So check with your local college, community center, or elders’ center to see what courses are currently being offered and question the possibilities of developing new courses based on your specific areas of knowledge and ability.

Remember that you do not have to be an academic scholar or professor to participate. Depending on your skills and experience, you might be able to qualify to teach self-enrichment seminars in a college’s continuing education department.

A culinary lesson, for example, maybe offered if your previous work experience was in the food business.


Independent drivers are required by commute services such as Uber and Lyft to transport passengers from one location to another.

On-demand driving is one of the most flexible part-time careers for seniors since it allows you to work at your own pace and choose your own hours. According to a poll conducted by the Benenson Strategy Group, around 23% of Uber’s drivers are above the age of 50.

In addition, two-thirds of Uber contractors have no previous work experience as a driver. As a result, these services provide excellent employment opportunities for elderly adults who lack prior expertise but have clean driving records.


Deliver food, parcels, or other items from restaurants, retailers, or warehouses to customers in the surrounding area who have placed an order. (The rising usage of services such as Amazon Flex and GrubHub is contributing to an increase in available positions.)

It is necessary to be efficient in these positions since workers are sometimes required to meet delivery criteria within a certain time window.

Working as a medical courier is also growing increasingly popular. When it comes to medical courier services, test results, lab specimens, pictures (such as x-rays), prescriptions, and other medically required materials are transported and delivered.


This is one of the most sought-after occupations for older citizens. And it’s not difficult to understand why: Retail jobs frequently feature flexible work schedules, opportunities for nice client contact, and, if you work for a major corporation, healthcare benefits as well.

If you work a particular number of hours per week at Costco, Whole Foods, or REI, you will be eligible for health insurance coverage.

In addition, salesmen are frequently qualified for a discount at the business. Additionally, you may work in a business that corresponds with your particular interests—for example, a bookstore if you enjoy reading, a clothes store if you enjoy shopping, or a sports store if you enjoy sports.

Personal care assistant or home health aid

Do you want to have the satisfaction of knowing that you are genuinely making a difference? Personal care aides provide assistance to those who are ill or unwell by supporting them with the essential demands of their daily lives.

For example, you may offer aid with errands, washing, and bathing, among other things.

However, because this is a physically demanding job, you should be comfortable lifting heavy goods and assisting clients in moving from one location to another within their homes or when out conducting errands.

Changing bandages or dressings, maintaining body temperature, and administering basic medicines are all tasks that a home health aide might perform.

(Home health aides, as opposed to personal care aides, are often permitted to undertake a greater number of medically essential duties.)

Public servant

Government employees are a good option for older adults who want to earn a competitive salary while still receiving excellent perks.

(Seniors are strongly represented in the federal government workforce, with more than a quarter of federal employees over the age of 55 making up the total.)

One significant benefit of government employment is that many positions come with a generous pension.

Furthermore, many federal employees are still eligible for the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHBP) long after they have left their jobs.

(In contrast to the private sector, the government continues to pay a share of the premiums when a person retires, unlike the private sector.)

Temporary office worker

Flexibility is frequently cited as a significant benefit of this type of work. When it comes to your physical or mental health, if you are a senior who has good days and bad days, temp employment could be a good alternative for you.

Temporary employees often have the opportunity to notify potential employers when they will be available to work or when they will be healthy enough to work—without having to make long-term commitments.

Furthermore, many temp jobs entail sitting for long periods of time without requiring any physical exertion.

Temporary-staffing firms can assist you in locating suitable employment opportunities. However, they may take a cut of your earnings as a percentage.

A virtual assistant

These employees do activities that are comparable to those of administrative assistants; however, they often work from home.

As a result, this is an excellent option for people who are looking for part-time jobs for seniors. Additionally, working as a virtual assistant is viable when traveling because the task may be completed from any location with a reliable Internet connection.

Coaches and referees

Coaching may be a gratifying career choice for sports enthusiasts who desire to maintain their physical activity. Despite the fact that the money is sometimes poor, working with young athletes has a variety of other advantages.

Depending on the level at which you coach, you may be required to obtain certification. Most coaches are also required to know how to provide basic first aid and to pass a background check.

Working as a referee is another option for older sports lovers who want to continue their careers. The amount of training necessary varies depending on the sport and the level of competition.

It is possible that you may be required to work many weekends and evenings, but the satisfaction of ensuring that others can safely enjoy your favorite game will be worth it.

A gardener or a landscaper

Gardening is unquestionably a favorite pastime among older citizens. But did you know that it is possible to turn your love of plants into a source of income?

Your options include finding one-on-one clients in your community, working for a nursery, or finding employment with a landscape firm. This type of employment is often seasonal, and it may include working outdoors in adverse weather.

Artist or craftsperson

Is expressing your artistic side something you want to do after you retire? Despite the fact that the majority of artists will never be wealthy, pursuits such as painting, sculpting, and crafts are popular retirement pastimes that provide income.

As an artist or craftsperson, you may, on occasion, have to put in some effort to locate people who will purchase your product.

Online marketplaces such as Etsy make it easier to sell your artwork or market items such as handcrafted jewelry. In addition, many localities have farmer’s markets as well as arts and crafts festivals that promote the work of local craftspeople.

The Verdict

More individuals are working past retirement age for a variety of reasons, including extra money, the desire to remain active and challenged, or a combination of these factors.

Some people change careers to pursue new opportunities within the fields in which they have previously worked for many years. Others, on the other hand, view retirement as an opportunity to try something completely different.

The occupations listed here are popular with the 65-and-up audience; however, there are several additional alternatives for older individuals, including working as part of an event staff team (think: music and sports venues), as a tour guide/docent, as a patient advocate, or as an online or in-person instructor.

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