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A credit union is a sort of financial cooperative that offers services similar to those offered by conventional banks. Credit unions can be formed by large corporations, organizations, and other entities for the purpose of serving the financial needs of their employees and members.

These credit unions can be as small as an operation run solely by volunteers or as large as an organization. Participants in a credit union are the ones who form the organization, buy its shares, and run it.

As a consequence of this, they operate as non-profit businesses that are exempt from paying taxes. Credit unions often serve the financial needs of a particular community or company. They may provide a banking experience that is more personalized than that offered by some of the larger banks and banking chains.

Those who are eligible may often take advantage of attractive rates as well as unique deals. If you are thinking about becoming a member of a credit union, you should choose one of the top ones.

Credit unions fulfilling the following criteria will be the best in 2022:

  • Total assets
  • Count of different office locations
  • Opening a checking account requires a minimum amount of money
  • Fee for using a checking account
  • The required minimum amount in a checking account in order to avoid a monthly service charge
  • The minimum amount required to start a savings account
  • The minimum required to start making savings
  • Savings APY
  • Minimum to open a 12-month CD account
  • CD APY for 12 months
  • CD APY for 60 months
  • Average mobile app rating
  • Customer service

The Finest Credit Unions

Navy Federal Credit Union

The Navy Federal Credit Union is unique as it focuses on providing financial assistance to members of the armed forces. These include those who are stationed in other countries.

Free Checking Options

People having connections to the United States Department of Defense, the National Guard, or the armed forces of the United States are eligible to join. It provides a wide range of banking, credit card, and loan products. All of these have rates that are competitive in the market.


  • Highly competitive rates
  • Free checking options
  • Serving the unique needs of the military and DoD


  • Standard CDs may be opened with a minimum of $1,000 and a term of one year

The Navy Federal Credit Union provides its members with access to a wide range of financial services. Additionally, it offers competitive rates for such products, including an APY of 0.25 percent for its share savings account.

Moreover, there is an APY of up to 0.45% for its money market and 0.50% for a jumbo money market. CDs come with a Special EasyStart certificate that requires just a $50 initial investment and offers a maximum APY of 3.00 percent.

Eastman Credit Union

What makes it stand out is that membership in the Eastman Credit Union is its availability. It is available to anybody who lives, works, worships, attends school, or owns a company in one of its serving locations.

IRA Savings

These regions encompass all or a portion of eight separate counties located in the states of Tennessee and Virginia. In addition, it covers two counties located in the state of Texas. The credit union provides rates on deposit accounts that are much higher than the national average.

Moreover, the rates on credit cards and loans are among the most competitive available.


  • A wide variety of savings accounts, including IRA
  • Prices that are very competitive
  • There are no fees for checking out


  • Minimum deposits between $1,000 and $2,500 are required to open the majority of CDs

The CD that Eastman produces has a lot of value to give. The annual percentage yield (APY) for one-year certificates of deposit is 0.65 percent. The APY for jumbo certificates of deposit is 0.70 percent, and the highest rate for CDs is 1.20 percent.

Free checking accounts often provide perks such as free stock checks with each check order, free certified checks and wire transfers, and free access to more than 56,000 ATMs.

There are a variety of savings choices available to you, such as Christmas Club accounts, health savings accounts, money market accounts, and even a Stash Your Cash account, which may assist you in meeting certain savings objectives.

The APY for savings accounts is now at 0.30 percent, while the APY for money market accounts is from 0.25 percent to 0.55 percent, depending on the amount.

Police and Fire

Members of the Philadelphia Police Department, the Philadelphia Fire Department, and their families may join the Police and Fire Federal Credit Union. They can join based on whether they are now serving, have previously served, or are retired.

Cheap Overdraft Charges

The credit union provides real estate, vehicle, and personal loans. In addition, it also offers investment and insurance alternatives. Checking accounts are free, and there are numerous different savings options available.

The interest rates on deposit accounts are competitive. In particular, the free checking account has an overdraft cost that is half of what is paid by other banks.


  • Excellent freedom from interference APY
  • A relatively cheap charge for going over your overdraft.


  • The minimum amount required to open a certificate of deposit for one year is $1,000

A bank account with no monthly maintenance fees and an attractive annual percentage yield of 0.50 percent is available. The APY for PFFCU’s share savings account is the lowest among the credit union’s savings accounts.

However, there is an exception of the Club account, which does not pay interest. The annual percentage yield for IRA money market accounts is now 1.00 percent. However, the APY for Premium Yield Account balances of $2,500 or more is currently 0.85 percent.

State Employees’ Credit Union

This Credit Union is restricted to those who work for the state of North Carolina. These include federal employees and people who hold jobs in the civil and social service sectors within North Carolina.

SECU provides its customers with a wide variety of goods and services. These include planning for estates and trusts, insurance, and investment opportunities.

Tax Benefits

The Zard and FAT CAT programs give young people (children and teenagers) goods and services that assist them in the process of learning how to manage their finances. Employees of the education system who get paychecks for part of the year are eligible for a special savings account. Moreover, it comes with a unique interest rate.


  • Activities aimed toward children and adolescents
  • Accounts that provide tax benefits that are accessible
  • Checking account that earns interest and provides two free overdraft transfer days every year
  • The low minimum deposit for CDs


  • The minimum deposit to create a share account is $25, although the minimum deposit at many other credit unions is just $5.
  • Both regular Checking and Zard Checking for adolescents have a service cost of one dollar per month.

SECU share savings rates are among the credit union’s lowest available rates. However, the APY on the Summer Cash account available to workers of the education system is a very competitive 0.3%.

CDs have a low entry requirement of only $250 and give APY ranging from 0.50 to 0.75%. IRAs, Coverdell Education Savings Vehicles, and Health Savings Accounts are examples of tax-advantaged accounts offer an APY of 0.65%.

Wings Financial

In addition to providing credit cards, home, auto, personal, and student loans, Wings Financial serves members in eligible counties. These include the states of Minnesota and Wisconsin, as well as the metropolitan areas of Seattle-Tacoma, Detroit, Orlando, and Atlanta.

12 Month CD ad-on

Although it does not have as many features as the other credit units, it does offer benefits. It does not charge any monthly fees for any of its checking or savings accounts. Moreover, it offers an outstanding annual percentage yield of 1.76% on the first $25,000.


  • Exceptional annual percentage return on the high-yield checking account
  • No additional charges for checking or savings accounts each month
  • Free 12-month CD add-on


  • There is no interest charged on money market accounts that are less than $5,000.

All savings accounts offered by Wings Financial, with the exception of the high-yield account, provide competitive rates of 0.15% APY. The high-yield account only produces substantial returns on deposits that are more than $10,000.

The rate will remain at a 0.15 percent annual percentage yield until then. Nevertheless, the credit union offers a competitive five-year certificate of deposit with tiered rates beginning at 1.51% APY for deposits ranging from $500 to $9,999.99.

Take Away

Credit unions adhere to a fundamental business strategy. Members pool their funds by purchasing shares in the cooperative. In this way, they are able to provide loans and demand deposit accounts, and many other financial goods and services.

Any revenue that is made is put toward the funding of initiatives and services. It will act to the community’s advantage as well as the interests of its individual members.

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